How is Alone financially supported by me watching this showreel?
Wide Eye Media usually connect advertisers and cinema audiences. While the cinemas are closed, we are putting our skills to another use. For each commercial spot watched, revenue is generated from the advertising partners. We are donating all profits generated from the advertising revenues to Alone during this phased reopening of Ireland’s cinemas after the Covid-19 Lockdown. You can add an additional personal donation here if you so choose.
How is this financially supporting my local cinema?
None of the money generated is being provided to cinemas. This channel is however promoting cinemas websites, their latest opening update information and providing publicity in the form of public discussion about #CinemaTogether
How is Wide Eye Media benefiting financially from this website?
Wide Eye Media makes no profit from this venture. Initial set up costs and operational charges were covered by advertising revenue; all other money goes directly to Alone. In the future the content of the site may change and if no longer linked to Alone this will be flagged, and any revenue share outlined to ensure full transparency.
I’d like to know more about the safety precautions being recommended for cinemas as they re-open after the Covid-19 Lockdown.
While opening, or making plans to do so, Cinemas in our neighbouring countries are sharing their experiences, agreed protocol for social distancing, retail automation and safety related protocols for cinema-lovers. Shortly we will provide a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions in this regard.
Can I visit more than once and look up as many cinemas as I want?
Yes, please do. We do not block IP addresses, so you can support all your favourite cinemas as much as you want. Over time we’ll be adding additional content – we’d love you to check back again!
Can you answer other questions that I have?
Yes, please contact us at [email protected]