Cinema Together


CinemaTogether celebrates the power of watching movies together and the special role that cinemas hold in our local communities. They created childhood memories, gave you great dates and enveloped you in the most legendary stories. 

The playlist showcases every response posted by visitors to this website during February & March 2021 when we asked how quickly you plan to return to a cinema once allowed to reopen. At the end of the player is a zoom chat held between #CinemaTogether competition winners and actor Daryl McCormack plus the film makers of Pixie.

Contents: #HelloBigScreen; Safeguarding for your next Cinema visit; #CinemaTogether; A Tribute to Cinemas; Competition Winners Zoom


Congrats to everyone that won tickets from #CinemaTogether for Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival #VMDIFF21 last month, as well as cinema tickets since January. We’ll be launching more competitions in the coming weeks.

In the meantime please fill in the form on this site to tell us when you’ll return to the cinema. We’d also love you to imagine your future visit to the cinema and tell us about it on Instagram or Twitter using #MyGreatEscape and #CinemaTogether. Make sure your post setting is public and not private so that we can see it.

For example, you could say how it will feel to be back, what you love about the cinema, what you’ve missed about being unable to go there, or what stays with you when you leave the cinema after watching a great film.

We’d love to share your thoughts and comments to promote our nation’s love of cinema going. It’s one of our favourite past times after all!


  • Entrants must be aged 16 or over
  • Comments will be shared with your first name/pen name & age, to promote our love of cinema
  • When you’re back at the cinema, why not film a 20 second selfie video there, then use our contact form to arrange for it to appear in the #CinemaTogether gallery.



    Cinemas are an important part of our Irish communities. Not only are they the home of a big screen where our imagination is fuelled by creative stories and a gateway to another world, but also the source of a shared experience of amplified emotion, feelings, and wonder. They are a place where people can come together, meet others and, for a few hours, escape day to day life.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on many areas of our society, many people are still directly affected too.

    We understand you may want to know which cinema is open and what changes have been made. There is a range of safeguarding measures being implemented as cinemas gradually re-open including:

    • Limiting auditoriums to no more than 50 people at a time
    • Keeping seats empty or new space between patrons to facilitate social distancing
    • Wearing of face coverings at all times inside the cinema
    • Longer deep cleaning of auditoriums between screenings
    • Staff management of people flows
    • Film timings scheduled to ensure foyers have no more than 50 people passing through at any one time
    • Ticket purchase in advance
    • Requests for cash free payments
    • Hand sanitising stations
    • Perspex screens
    • Pre-packed food for purchase
    #Hello Big Screen

    Choose your local cinema on this map to read specific detail they’re sharing around opening and safeguarding protocols

    1. Click the red popcorn box on the map locating one of your local cinemas.
    2. When a pop-up window opens click on your local cinema’s link to go immediately to the cinema’s website.

    Visit again in the future to watch forthcoming movie trailers and enter more competitions.

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    About Wide Eye Media

    We love cinema and usually connect with audiences by delivering advertising to 110 cinemas on the Island of Ireland.

    While Ireland’s economy gradually reopens with Covid19 restrictions, we’re helping share information for your safe return to the cinema. Feel free to contact us with any questions on

    Here on we’re running a series of competitions to welcome cinema goers back to the Big Screen Experience. We know that just sometimes, no matter what the movie, the biggest release in the cinema is you!

    Not only is the cinema a place where great stories are told with impact, but also where they are experienced with all the senses.